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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

U.S. CATHOLIC - September 23, 2014

September 23, 2014

For love of the game: Emphasizing justice in youth sports 
We shouldn't just be in it to win it. Sometimes that means parents need to be sidelined so kids can just play. 

When his daughter was playing youth basketball, Clark Power found himself serving as both parent and coach. He wanted his daughter, who was a good dribbler but shy and nervous in front of crowds, to be more aggressive and animated. He remembers running up and down the sidelines during one game, trying to engage her. "Toward the end of the first half, she walked over to me and said, 'Hey, Dad, do you want me to play in the second half?'" Power recalls. Yes, of course, he responded. "She said, 'Go sit on the bench.' I went to the bench, and that was a game changer for me." Read more

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What do Catholics believe about the devil?
The snake in the garden? The master of mischief? Who is this sneaky devil? We're glad you asked. 

The most popular explanation of Satan maintains that he is a fallen angel tempted by pride. He is said to be a seducer originally created as good and whose rebellion against the divine will is reflected in the temptation that he offered to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Read more

Should girls be allowed to serve at the altar?
When girls are barred from being altar servers, they miss out on an important part of faith formation--and the church does, too. 

I recently went back to my home parish for Mass for the first time after returning from college. My eyes snapped to the altar servers, and I watched closely throughout Mass as they seamlessly executed their tasks--processed up the aisle, held candles during the readings, led the priest to the ambo for the gospel, and washed his hands. I was proud. I had served from fourth grade all the way through high school, and I had personally trained all of the servers who were on the altar that day. Read more
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Marriott's reminder to tip your hotel maids 
Sure, we tip our waiters, valets, and bellhops. But what about those whose jobs are done anonymously without that personal connection and charm? 

The hotel brand Marriott, with the help of journalist Maria Shriver, has decided to leave a friendly reminder in each room for us. Their new campaign, "The Envelope Please," will place envelopes--complete with the name of the room's attendant and a short message--in 160,000 hotel rooms across the United States and Canada. The envelopes will encourage guests to leave a suggested $1 to $5 tip a night. Read more

Chicago meets its new archbishop as the 'Pope Francis effect' sets in 
When Spokane Bishop Blase Cupich got a call 10 days ago with the news that Pope Francis had chosen him to be the next archbishop of Chicago--the pontiff's most important U.S. appointment to date-he was so taken aback that he couldn't speak for a few moments. 

A lot of other Catholics are trying to absorb the news as well, just as surprised that Francis picked the 65-year-old Cupich, who had been considered a long shot by many Vatican handicappers. They were also pleased, or concerned, that the pope had evidently chosen a bishop who shared his own emphasis on listening to the flock and caring for the poor. "I think that he"--Francis--"sent a pastor, not a message," Cupich told reporters. Read more.

Read: What They Wished For
By Lawrence J. McAndrews (University of Georgia, 2014) 

The election of John F. Kennedy in 1960 has long been described as the apogee of Catholic political life in the history of the United States. Largely eschewing his Irish Catholic identity, Kennedy convinced the electorate that he was an American who happened to be Catholic and not merely a pawn of the Roman pontiff. Read more.

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