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Friday, January 17, 2014


San Diego (City Heights), 

California Precipitation Summary

Normal season: July 1 through June 30
Average seasonal precipitation: 4.15"(105.4 mm)1
Season    Precipitation
2011-2012    4.02" (102.1 mm) *
2012-2013    4.15" (105.4 mm)
2013-2014    0.95" (24.1 mm)
* Actual season start date: February 11, 2012
1Average precipitation does not include incomplete rain seasons or the current rain season.

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Richard Gordon Burns said...

Many thanks and much appreciation for the unified work you present in San Diego. And thanks again for your continued support of our work by placing our banner and announcements on your site. We have found San Diego to be alive with Christian recovery leaders; and we are glad to see you among them. In His Service, Dick B.