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Wednesday, January 15, 2014


How Pope Francis brought me back to Catholicism
Salon: Joshunda Sanders says the church of her youth shut out so many people. The new pope is changing that.
Tony Campolo to shutter the evangelical ministry he started 40 years ago
Religion News Service: "Too often, we old guys hang on too long and steal the spotlight from the new, bright, shining stars emerging as speakers and leaders," says progressive evangelical.
Religious groups face increased hostility worldwide
Reuters: Violence and discrimination against religious groups by governments and rival faiths have reached new highs in all regions of the world except the Americas.
Doubts about MOOCs continue to rise, survey finds
The Chronicle of Higher Education: Academic leaders increasingly think that massive open online courses are not sustainable for the institutions that offer them and will "cause confusion about higher-education degrees."
The one theology book all atheists really should read
The (London) Guardian: What if most modern arguments against religious belief have been attacking the wrong God all along?

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