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Sunday, October 1, 2023

How should the Church evangelize the world today?

Pope Francis creates 21 new cardinals, expanding body's geographic diversity

During his homily, the Pope shared a guiding image for the College of Cardinals: that of “a symphony orchestra, representing the harmony and synodality of the Church.”
We asked the new cardinals: How should the Church evangelize the world today?

From digital communication to hope to listening to the Gospel, here is what 12 of the cardinals told CNA they think is needed to evangelize the modern world.
Judge rules against rural Catholic community in dispute with local authorities in Michigan

An attorney for families at Cottonwood Farm called the local government’s actions against the community “persecution.”
Pope Francis calls silence ‘essential’ at prayer vigil for Synod on Synodality

Before thousands of young people and Christian leaders from around the world, Francis emphasized the importance of silent prayer.
Data show Americans want larger families even as fertility rates remains at historic lows

A recent Gallup study shows an increase in the number of Americans who believe that the ideal family size is three or more children.

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