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Saturday, September 30, 2023

Almost two-thirds of US Catholics believe in Real Presence

New study shows that now almost two-thirds of US Catholics believe in Real Presence 

As the U.S. Church continues its Eucharistic revival, a CARA study suggests there is positive movement when it comes to belief in Catholic teaching on the Eucharist.
Spanish Opus Dei priest announced as new Helsinki bishop

Father Raimo Ramón Goyarrola Belda, a priest of the Personal Prelature of Opus Dei, was appointed by Pope Francis to be the new bishop of Helsinki, Finland. 
Theodore McCarrick to undergo competency exam for Wisconsin criminal case

The alleged victim in the Wisconsin case was also the one in a recently dropped Massachusetts criminal case.
Catholic gym trains members to become ‘warriors against the evil one’

St. Michael Barbell Club in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, strives to equip its members with not only physical strength but spiritual strength as well.
Pope Francis denounces ‘body-shaming,’ admits to bullying overweight friend as a child

Pope Francis said his father made him go to the bullied child’s home to apologize.

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