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Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Italy’s same-sex parents react to losing their rights

Apologetics TV ministry loses financial accreditation over fundraising*
Christianity Today: ‘The John Ankerberg Show’ kept 80 percent of money raised for audio Bibles.
Church leaders plead with Israeli government as anti-Christian incidents increase in Holy Land
Religion News Service: The incidents have been organized by extremist groups who consider Christians to be enemies of the Jewish people.
Why this chaplain sees her atheism as a gift
NPR: For her, the idea of God didn
t survive the horrors of the Holocaust, so she has had to find a different kind of spiritual center.
‘Orphaned by decree’: Italy’s same-sex parents react to losing their rights
The Guardian: Rightwing PM Giorgia Meloni has demanded councils register only biological parents on birth certificates, leaving partners in legal limbo.
What I learned from listening to non-practicing Catholics ahead of the Synod*
America: We know that disengaging from the church can be painful — and that the pain is often left unaddressed.

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