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Wednesday, February 22, 2023

What’s the point of fasting, anyway?

What’s the point of fasting, anyway?

God commanded it, Jesus practiced it, Church Fathers have preached the importance of it — fasting is a powerful and fundamental part of the Christian life.
Traditionis custodes: Cardinal says only Vatican can dispense from certain obligations

The head of the Vatican’s liturgy office said Tuesday that dispensations from two of the rules in Traditionis custodes can only be granted by the Vatican.
Canadian Catholic school student who was suspended for protesting transgender bathroom policy speaks out

Josh Alexander, 16, was suspended this month for expressing his religious and moral objections to the school’s transgender bathroom policy.
Catholic leaders open new church in UAE’s interfaith Abrahamic Family House

A synagogue, church, and mosque sit opposite a secular visitor pavilion in an interfaith complex meant to encourage goodwill and understanding.
Traditional Latin Mass attendees waiting to see impact of new Vatican restrictions

A newly issued clarification says that only the Vatican can grant permission for the Old Mass to be said in parish churches.

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