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Thursday, February 23, 2023



Once again, we have started the season of Lent. Although this time is strongly marked by penance, it is also a time of extraordinary grace. Yes, God and the Church will accompany us through these 40 days in which we propose to venture into the desert; a desert very different from the one that the people of Israel had to walk through to reach a promised land. Our desert is to delve into ourselves and discover our need for God. We will make an effort to bring order to our lives. Put everything in its place, where it belongs.

During this time, we will look towards God, towards our neighbor and towards ourselves. We will reflect in the light of God's word on our priorities. How is our love? How are our relationships with others and with myself? Do I live for God and His will?

The gospel of this first Sunday of Lent presents us with Jesus living in a desert, where temptations will appear. At each temptation, Jesus will have the right words and attitudes. He is filled with the Spirit of God. It is the Spirit that has guided Him in the desert.

We too are led by the Spirit of God who teaches us and strengthens us. We too will face the human temptations of pleasure, power, and wealth with the Lenten practices of penance, prayer, and almsgiving.

As a Church, let us walk this desert together so that together we can celebrate, Christ our Easter. Amen.

Fr. Carlos Flores, OSA

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