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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

State of Theology survey

From the second coming to cultural superstitions, here are the heresies Asian Christians notice most in China, Japan, and Korea.

The pastor of the Sutherland Springs, Texas, church where a gunman killed 26 people in 2017 has delivered his final sermon before retirement.

Livestreaming church was a godsend during pandemic lockdowns, but for most churchgoers, it shouldn’t remain our default for services.

Behind the story

After last month’s State of Theology survey revealed some common heresies among US evangelicals, we’re looking at some common theological concerns elsewhere in the world, starting with East Asia.

For today’s piece, our Asia associate editor Isabel Ong heard from a handful of pastors and theologians in the region and found that each response reflected their cultural context in different areas.

“Some the East Asian heresies mentioned are familiar to me as they were ones I encountered while growing up as a Christian in Singapore, like the emphasis on individualistic moralism in Hong Kong and the propensity toward trying to earn one’s salvation by serving God in Japan,” she said. “What surprised me most was Korean professor Meehyun Chung’s hesitation to use the word ‘heresies’ as she acknowledged how certain Christian figures in history have been wrongly accused of this.”

“On the whole, the piece informs me that East Asian heresies continue to percolate because of a malformed theology that privileges human effort as a means of assuring our salvation,” Isobel said. “And as Taiwanese pastor Tim Wang said, Christian leaders also need to disciple well besides receiving solid theological training.”

In other news

The US Supreme Court starts a new term this week. The most significant religious liberty, whether a website designer is allowed not to design sites for same-sex weddings, has been framed for the court as a conflict over free expression.

Brazil voted on Sunday but with Jair Bolsonaro outperforming his polls, the race will go to a run-off at the end of October. As CT previously reported, evangelicals are deeply divided in this election, which has raised many questions about how Christians should approach populist politics, right and left.

One of the last Bibles written by hand before the advent of European printing has now been fully digitized.

Senior citizens who hadn’t evacuated ahead of Hurricane Ian survived in the shelter at a Baptist church in Fort Myers. “It was almost like an ark,” said the senior pastor.

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