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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

‘More or Less: Essays From a Year of No Buying’

By Susannah Q. Pratt
In this excerpt from her recent book, Susannah Q. Pratt writes that her family’s decision to refrain from buying for a year was based in part on research — and lived experience — that shows women still do a disproportionate share of domestic work.
By Sarah Jean Barton
A scholar’s book emerged from theology done in partnership with disabled Christians.

Peloton’s message for pastors

By Alaina Kleinbeck
From self-care to relationships with similar others, there are off-the-bike lessons to be learned from Peloton instructors, writes the director of the Thriving in Ministry Coordination Program at Leadership Education at Duke Divinity.
Q&A with Kimberly R. Daniel
Innovation isn’t Christian if it doesn’t focus on God’s priorities, says the co-author of a book from the Forum for Theological Exploration.
Q&A with Brandon Dennison
A social enterprise in Huntington, West Virginia, focuses on the dignity of its workers while seeding the green economy and helping strengthen Appalachia.

By Hayden Seder
A nonprofit ministry in Idaho houses single moms rent-free while they pursue their education.

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