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Friday, August 26, 2022

An interview with McElroy here

Cardinal-designate McElroy: Yes, Pope Francis understands the US church 

Contrary to recent remarks by some U.S. Catholic leaders, Cardinal-designate Robert McElroy of San Diego believes Pope Francis has a "deep" understanding of the church in the United States. 

"When I speak with him, he has a rather granular knowledge of a number of the topics that he'll bring up," said McElroy. "Does he know everything about the church in the United States? No. Does he have a wide-ranging level of knowledge on a deep level of fundamental issues and many particular issues, yes. Yes, he does." 

The California bishop is one of 20 men Pope Francis will elevate to the rank of cardinal at an Aug. 27 ceremony at the Vatican, 16 of whom are under 80 and eligible to vote in a future papal conclave. 

Read more of this interview with McElroy here.

More background:

  • McElroy is one of the nation's leading experts on John Courtney Murray, says NCR columnist Michael Sean Winters, who can't think of a better time for a new cardinal with expertise in religious liberty issues.

  • Click here to read more about McElroy's commitment to environmental issues.

  • NCR political columnist Michael Sean Winters and news editor Joshua McElwee will be joining Vatican correspondent Christopher White in Rome to cover the consistory. Follow along here.

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