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Friday, March 4, 2022

The “holy weirdness” of Christianity

During Putin’s tenure, evangelical leaders in Russia have stayed out of politics and avoided speaking out to criticize the government. But hundreds are risking further persecution and backlash by calling on their leaders to “stop this senseless bloodshed” as war in Ukraine continues.

A million people have left Ukraine in a span of a week, and more than 100,000 of them have gone to Moldova, where a tiny but eager evangelical minority has stepped up to serve.

As strange as it seems, life and ministry goes on during war time, even with air raid sirens and endless anxiety. As his building gathers in bomb shelters during air raids, a pastor in Ukraine prays, reads Scripture, and answers spiritual questions from his neighbors.

As a climate crisis devastates East Africa with a record drought, an Ethiopian church asks for help feeding people and animals.

A fascinating new biography dives into how an unexceptional trombonist launched the gospel music industry.

From CT’s sister magazine Ekstasis: Maybe it’s time for us to rediscover the “holy weirdness” of Christianity.

In other news

A story meant to shed light on “broken policies” in the Anglican Church of Canada ended up causing abuse survivors more harm when details were leaked.

A Chicago-based church planting organization launches a new initiative to plant digital-only churches.

If Jesus got student evaluations like college professors, they would probably read something like this.

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