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Monday, August 2, 2021

Rest is holy, not a reward for the productive

State finds LA public school district kept millions of federal funds from Catholic schools
Religion News Service: Los Angeles Unified School District ‘has failed to provide equitable services to (archdiocesan) schools,’ state officials said in the report.
Rest is holy, not a reward for the productive
Sojourners: The pandemic has forced workers and corporations to engage in conversations around overwork, death-by-a-thousand-efficiencies, and the trauma that burnout unearths, but we still lack the vocabulary to really talk about rest.
Patrons’ saints: Christians turn to Patreon, Substack, and Kickstarter
Christianity Today: As more evangelical figures embrace crowdfunding, is the format demanding too much of them?
My sister remembers her past life. Somehow, I believe her.*
The New York Times: Living with my sister during the pandemic taught me to suppress my cynicism and embrace her belief in reincarnation, Sara Aridi writes.
Anger as Poland plans law that will stop Jews reclaiming wartime homes
The Guardian: Daughter of Holocaust survivor pledges to continue her fight for family property seized by Nazi occupiers.

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