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Monday, August 2, 2021

H. Eddie Fox has died at 83

For musicians, writers, activists, and missionaries, new direct-funding models like Patreon and Substack can be a mixed blessing.

Layla de la Garza has become a familiar voice among evangelical women for her bilingual worship and prayer during the annual IF: Gathering. CT interviewed the Mexican leader about her call to ministry and the lingering stereotypes around contemporary worship.

H. Eddie Fox has died at 83. He taught more Methodists to share their faith than anyone in his lifetime, and worked to renew the declining US denomination by connecting it with Wesleyans around the world.

The summer issue of Ekstasis, CT’s new art-and-theology magazine, is out. Check out articles about Sho Baraka and the creative life, the obsession with a 1993 R.E.M. album, and eternal education.

In other news

In Michigan, a Christian Reformed Church has installed 120 solar panels to “respect God’s creation and address climate change.” A CT previously reported, many in the creation care movement are trying to move from argument to action.

A federal court has dismissed D. James Kennedy’s ministry’s lawsuit accusing Amazon of anti-Christian discrimination.

The Brazilian who won the first Olympic gold medal in surfing said he prayed every day at 3 a.m. to win. Italo Ferreira, who is tattooed with the words “Jesus,” “blessed,” and “faith” in Portuguese, gives God the glory for making his dream come true.

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