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Thursday, May 6, 2021

The Christian and Missionary Alliance might allow women to be ordained

The Christian and Missionary Alliance is considering changes that would allow women to be ordained and be called pastors.

Loran Mann, a bi-vocational pastor who broke ground as a Black broadcast journalist and rose to leadership in the Church of God in Christ, has died at 74.

President Biden’s proposed American Families Plan has Christians considering potential benefits as well as the church’s role in childcare and early education.

Two weeks after evangelical leaders in refugee resettlement pushed back on the Biden administration’s delays, the president finally fulfilled his promise to raise the refugee ceiling.

In other news

Christian youth who set up “take what you can” food pantries in Myanmar were arrested last week.

Texas is looking at legislation that would restrict faith-based health care sharing. Health care sharing ministries have been fighting off regulation and trying to distance themselves from illegitimate scams.

In Oregon, a Methodist church gave its property back to the Nez Perce Tribe.

In rural Africa, where churches cannot rely on mobile giving during the pandemic, priests have resorted to brewing beer and selling livestock to keep their congregations afloat.

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