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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Muslims in Nashville are praying at a Methodist church

Mennonite church introduces curriculum on police abolition
Sojourners: Mennonite Church USA has introduced a curriculum of police abolition, as a way to apply the Anabaptist denomination’s historic resistance of violence to the topic of policing in the United States.
To save lives, we must scrap patent protections on coronavirus vaccines
National Catholic Reporter: While more than one billion doses of COVID-19 vaccine have now been administered worldwide, only 0.3 percent of them have been given in low-income countries.
Tree of Life names renowned architect Daniel Libeskind to design synagogue complex
Religion News Service: Libeskind, the architect behind such high-profile designs as New York’s ground zero site plan and Berlin’s Jewish Museum, is the son of Holocaust survivors.
Why Muslims in Nashville are praying at a Methodist church*
Tennesean: The mosque in the heart of the city’s 12South neighborhood cannot host Muslims for prayers during Ramadan. In need of a space to use, the center’s leadership turned to a neighbor for help.
As the world reopens post-pandemic, how will we find our way in it?*
Christian Century: Teresa of Avila can be a guide on this new path.

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