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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Judson College, a 183-year-old has announced it is shutting down

A ministry leader in Lebanon commemorated 204 victims of last year’s explosion in Beirut with an illegal display of 10-foot-tall portraits: “I’ve talked more about Jesus [while] doing illegal street art than I ever did being an evangelical church guy.”

Evangelicals in Ethiopia are debating how to characterize the ongoing violence in the country’s Tigray region, as the government continues to deny idespread targeting of Tigrayans while the head of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church called it “genocide.”

Army chaplains in Burkina Faso struggle to offer spiritual care amid unprecedented violence, including several jihadist attacks targeting churches.

These under-discussed Judaic laws on ritual purity can help us better understand Jesus’ posture toward the sick and dying—and the spiritual implications of our own embodiment.

In other news

Judson College, a 183-year-old Baptist women’s school, has announced it is shutting down.

The Missouri state senate is close to approving a law that would allow the Bible to be taught in public schools. Georgia passed a similar law––twice––and CT found that very few students took Bible classes.

A Shreveport, Louisiana, pastor wants to help the teens who crashed a stolen car into his church service last month. “They went joy riding and consequently, ended up in the church, which is where they need to be,” he told a local news station. “They just came the wrong way, at the wrong hour.”

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