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Thursday, June 18, 2020

Letter from Fr. Philip Yang, OSA

Letter from Fr. Philip Yang, OSA

Dear Community of Saint Patrick’s

It has been such an honor serving you all as your Associate Pastor. I have served you as both Deacon and Priest, so this community has been my foundational community in the first years of my ministry. When I first arrived here as a deacon, I still remember serving mass with Fr. Mike McFadden and I won’t forget all his funny stories. The morning prayers consist of a small group of parishioners who come every morning to pray. This morning calm was essential for me throughout the day as it set the tone for the rest of the day as the phone rings and door bells ding; Fr. Carlos and I were busy scheduling for mass and other liturgies.

What are most precious to me are the life stories that you all tell me. Whether it is how you grew up here in San Diego, or how you and your family made it out here to Saint Patrick’s; these are all stories and dramas that are very much a part of the gospels. Your stories are the gospels of modern day life. The daily struggles you face and en-counter and trying to figure out: “where is Christ in all of this?” As God says to Abraham: “You are a blessing!” Truly, you have been a blessing to me, and I hope and pray that I was the same for you all.

Please pray for me as I will serve as the new vocation director of our province.

Sincerely, Fr. Philip Yang OSA

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