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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

An interview with Dr. Neal Krause on stress, faith and religion

Gospel of Matthew's message rings loudly for some 2020 Dems
Associated Press: As conservative evangelicals continue to make up a critical part of President Donald Trump's base, the message of Matthew 25 allows Democrats to make a strong contrast between the spirit of their policymaking and that of Trump's.

Amazon's Catholics mull church future after pope's letter
ABC News: Roman Catholic priests, deacons and bishops across the Amazon are voicing surprise, resignation and reluctant acceptance of Pope Francis' refusal to allow married men to be ordained priests
Crux: Why did Francis punt on married priests in his Amazon document?

Willow Creek and Harvest struggle to move on
Christianity Today: The departures of Bill Hybels and James MacDonald leave churches waiting for new leadership and hoping to rebuild trust.

How religion and spirituality affect stress and health: An interview with Dr. Neal Krause on stress, faith and religion
Psychology Today: Faith is one way many people cope with difficult events to promote mental well-being. However, faith can be a complicated part of a person's identity.

Church of England may have to pay out millions over child sexual abuse
The Guardian: Synod considers concrete action as it backs compensating survivors.

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