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Sunday, December 29, 2019

Can tattoos be sacramentals?

Missionary priest rescues children from slavery in the DRC mines
Fr. Willy Milayi is a Missionary of the Immaculate Conception who lives in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He works rescuing children who fled the coltan mines and offering...

Can tattoos be sacramentals? 
When the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to the English Carmelite, St. Simon Stock, she carried the Carmelite scapular in her hand and told him: “This shall be the privilege for...

Piracy and despair: The unique problems that plague sailors
For most people in the 21st century, piracy probably conjures up images of illegal downloads from Limewire before it does thoughts of trouble-making sea-farers.

Islamists in Nigeria kill Christian hostages
The Islamic State group in Nigeria released a video Thursday claiming to show the killing of 11 Christian men.

Notre-Dame still at risk of destruction, says rector
This year Christmas Mass was not celebrated at Notre-Dame de Paris for the first time since the French First Republic, and the cathedral’s rector says that there is a...

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