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Thursday, November 14, 2019

'Yes in God's Backyard' to use church land for affordable housing

A nun, a shooting and the unlikely legacy that could save the Amazon rainforest
Deseret News: There is a battle for the future of the world's most important rainforest. It is a battle that cost Sister Dorothy her life.

Bishop tapped by Pope to investigate clergy sex abuse is accused of abuse himself
Associated Press: Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio, who recently wrapped up an investigation of clerical sex abuse in the Diocese of Buffalo, denies that he molested a former altar boy.

'Purity' guru Joshua Harris may have left evangelicalism but he's still a member of the church of patriarchy
Rewire News: Though he's embarked on an apology tour and starred in a documentary examining his mistakes and the damage they've caused, Joshua Harris has yet to face the hard questions about the patriarchal ideology that shaped the purity movement and his own path.

'Yes in God's Backyard' to use church land for affordable housing
Religion News Service: Faith congregations across California are responding to the state's housing crisis by sharing their parking lots with people living in their cars, providing mobile showers for the homeless and joining their neighbors in calling for rent control in their communities.

Iowa pastor facing church trial for being 'self-avowed practicing homosexual' takes leave of absence*
Des Moines Register: An openly queer Iowa City pastor charged with "being a self-avowed practicing homosexual" in violation of United Methodist Church law will take an indefinite leave of absence.

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