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Saturday, January 26, 2019

We are all evangelicals now

Commonweal: Covington, privilege, and our divided culture.
Religion News Service: Native American man from viral video offers to meet with Catholic students, leaders

A less religious America will be a less generous America
The Boston Globe: If religion in this country is going down, charitable giving and volunteering are likely to go down, too.

We are all evangelicals now
Religion & Politics: Evangelicals exemplify current trends in American political life around race and difference, only in a more intense way. Evangelicals embody U.S. racial attitudes on steroids.

How the idea of Hell has shaped the way we think
The New Yorker: For centuries, we've given lavish attention to the specifics of punishment, and left Heaven woefully under-sketched.

A tale of two sanctuary churches: Congregants in Ohio and the Netherlands find 'instant connection'
PRI: When a Columbus, Ohio, church heard about a Netherlands congregation's efforts to shelter an Armenian family facing deportation, it sounded familiar.

Pope Francis says the fear of migration is 'making us crazy' during his trip to Central America
Associated Press: Pope Francis said Wednesday that fear of migration is "making us crazy" as he began a trip to Central America amid a standoff over President Donald Trump's promised border wall.

With new 'affirmation' policy, American Bible Society loses LGBT staffers
Religion News Service: Employees at the American Bible Society have until the end of this month to sign a statement promising that they will attend church and abstain from sex before marriage, which it defines as between a man and a woman.

Church of England announces £35 million investment in new churches and outreach
Anglican News: A new congregation in a nightclub area and the Church of England's first weekday-only church are two of several new worshipping communities to receive a share of £35 million GBP in funding.

Provoked by Trump, the religious left is finding its voice
NPR: Religious conservatives have rarely faced much competition in the political realm from faith-based groups on the left. The provocations of Donald Trump may finally be changing that.

Government allows S.C. foster care group to keep Protestants-only policy
Religion News Service: An exemption will allow Miracle Hill, a Greenville-based Christian ministry, to continue to accept only Protestant churchgoing parents to its federally funded foster care program.

Christianity's future looks more like Lady Gaga than Mike Pence
CNN: Our public imagination needs to make room for the diversity of Christianity in America, which will only happen if more people like Ocasio-Cortez and Lady Gaga speak up.

The Catholic Church has no idea how to win over young people
Vice: The Vatican's spiffy "Click to Pray" app isn't going to save it. In short, initiatives like this one may be way too little, too late.

Covington boys: the difference between jerks and monsters
Slate: The bothersome teens of Covington Catholic aren't heroes or horrors.
Dallas Morning News: The public face of Christianity has become a cartoon .

As survivors age, Holocaust educators rush to preserve their irreplaceable testimony
Religion News Service: The race against time has prompted a program to take survivors back to their hometowns in Europe to film their recollections of the places where they experienced the catastrophe most acutely.

Legislating 'In God We Trust': using the state to do the Church's work
Baptist News Global: As something of an old-timey Baptist on matters of religious liberty, Bill Leonard would ask several questions of the "In God We Trust" movement.

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