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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

“Trumpification” of the Pro-Life Movement?

Governor Cuomo’s Bridge

Fr. George W. Rutler

There was a literary symbiosis between G.K. Chesterton and Henri Ghéon somewhat like the musical one between Rimsky-Korsakov and Mussorgsky. Ghéon’s biography of Saint John Vianney, The Secret of the Curé d’Ars, is enhanced by the brief commentary that Chesterton added to it. Chesterton mentions a mayor of some French town who not only commissioned […]

“Trumpification” of the Pro-Life Movement?

Adrian Reimers

Washington Post columnist Michael Gerson, a former George W. Bush speechwriter, warns the pro-life movement of the dangers of “Trumpification.” Citing the presence of political figures, principally Republican ones including a video message from the president, at the recent March for Life, he warns that even if conservatives in the pro-life movement succeed in overturning […]

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