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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Closing the gulf between black and white Christians

Closing the gulf between black and white Christians
The Atlantic: In a new book, a black evangelical challenges his white counterparts to take full responsibility for their complicity in racism, and to commit to changing America.

In polarized Washington, a Democrat anchors bipartisan friendships in faith
Religion News Service: A bridge builder with Republicans, Sen. Chris Coons is known for helping create rare flickers of bipartisan agreement. Part of his secret, it seems, is religion.

Church of England plan for welcoming trans people under fire
The (London) Guardian: More than 2,000 clergy and lay members sign letter asking bishops to withdraw guidance.

We need more biblical literacy in America
Religion News Service: Classes in biblical literacy are a bad idea, although America does need more biblical literacy, says Jeffrey Salkin.
The Atlantic: Teaching the Bible in public schools is a bad idea -- for Christians

Inviting others into your mission
Insights: The way we communicate about stewardship really matters, from our language to the platforms we use to connect with others, says Melissa Spas.

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