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Thursday, January 31, 2019

How African churches are booming in London's backstreets

96 days later, nonstop church service to protect refugees finally ends
The New York Times: It was one of the longest religious ceremonies ever recorded, lasting for more than three months and involving nearly 1,000 pastors and priests.

How African churches are booming in London's backstreets
Reuters: A thriving African church community is growing in south London.

Pelosi, DeVos address Christian educators on policy and faith
Religion News Service: Both spoke of their faith as an integral part of their work as government leaders.

How Howard Thurman met Gandhi and brought nonviolence to the civil rights movement
The Conversation: Howard Thurman, a mentor to MLK, first met Gandhi during a visit to India in 1936. He came to understand nonviolence as a force more powerful than hate that had the power to transform the world.

It's time to rethink our assumptions about where theological education happens
The Christian Century: Until 1565, the local church was also the seminary, says Ryan P. Bonfiglio.

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