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Friday, June 7, 2024

National Eucharistic Pilgrims ‘relying on God’s grace'

Kentucky parish offers scheduled appointments for same-sex blessings

Historic St. Paul Catholic Church in downtown Lexington says on its website that “same-sex couples who would like a blessing” can contact the church’s pastor.
Pope Francis warns of ‘cold war’ in families, encourages living forgiveness

As part of the “School of Prayer” initiative, the Holy Father met Thursday with about 30 families from the parish of St. Brigid of Sweden in Rome.
Locked up: Meet the elderly and infirm women now in prison for pro-life activism

Jean Marshall, 74, and three other women with major health issues spoke with CNA about their imprisonment and their treatment by the justice system.
National Eucharistic Pilgrims ‘relying on God’s grace’ as they carry Jesus hundreds of miles

Pilgrims who relayed their experiences so far spoke about how they have seen Christ’s presence in the Eucharist affect those who see them pass by.
Vatican arrests ex-employee for attempted extortion using allegedly stolen Bernini manuscript

The art historian and former Vatican employee was reportedly questioned and arrested by Vatican gendarmes on May 27.

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