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Thursday, June 20, 2024



Although this Sunday's readings all seem very short, due to the number of their words, they really do not lose the greatness that the Word of God carries within itself.

In the gospel of MK 4, 35-41, which among today's readings is the most extensive, it is showing a Jesus who is somewhat impatient to want to reach the "other side of the sea", with the desire to meet others and speak to them of the Kingdom of God. This impatience is in itself Jesus' desire that every human being can have an encounter with God thanks to the message that is announced through Him.

Jesus and the disciples have already boarded their respective boats and are heading towards their destination, which is on the other side of the sea, on the shore; there where others who must urgently listen to the message of the Kingdom of God, but during the journey a terrible storm arises that seems to threaten the safety and integrity of everyone.

It is clear from the image described in the gospel that those who carry Jesus with them have the mission of always going beyond their comforts, going to the other side, to the other shore, going to meet the other. That is where we must offer Jesus and his message so that He may be known and loved. However, this mission is always challenging and full of tests and difficulties, which is represented with the image of the storm. In the end, we disciples must not forget that the Lord goes with us, and if fear, doubt, hopelessness, or a moment of discouragement appears in our lives, let us direct our prayer to Him. Jesus never leaves us alone and He takes control of our circumstances even in the most difficult moments, giving us peace to continue with our mission. Let us trust in our Lord, because Jesus calms our storms.

Fr. Carlos Flores, OSA

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