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Monday, June 3, 2024

A pulpit without a context

Billions in taxpayer dollars now go to religious schools via vouchers*
The Washington Post: The rapid expansion of state voucher programs follows court decisions that have eroded the separation between church and state.

The second coming of Doug Wilson
Religion News Service: Conservatives are elevating long-controversial Idaho pastor Doug Wilson, framing him as a champion of a relatively moderate form of Christian nationalism — but critics say his ideas remain extreme.

A pulpit without a context*
Christian Century: Melissa Florer-Bixler asked ChatGPT for a sermon. What it wrote seemed to come from everywhere and nowhere.

The Gaza protests were a mask-off moment for American universities*
The Nation: The brutal crackdown on the divestment encampments exposed a stark truth — the modern university cannot function without the support of the military-industrial complex.

David Archuleta on leaving the Mormon church, coming out and ‘living a meaningful life’
NBC News: After coming out as queer in 2021, the former “American Idol” star is reinventing himself with new music, an upcoming memoir and a more authentic life — with his Latina mom’s support.

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