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Wednesday, May 1, 2024

May the Spirit help you to make ‘mystery of Christ’ present

Game, set, God: French athlete trades championship title for abbey life

Ludovic Duée, captain of the Saint-Nazaire volleyball team and recently crowned French champion, shared a deeply personal decision with local media.
Nebraska parish mobilizes to help neighbors after massive tornado

St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in Elkhorn, Nebraska, a suburb northwest of Omaha, mobilized volunteers in recent days to coordinate donations.
Pope Francis to Regnum Christi: May the Spirit help you to make ‘mystery of Christ’ present

On the occasion of its first general convention taking place in Rome this week, Pope Francis has addressed a message to the Regnum Christi Federation.
Armed New York resident arrested in St. Peter’s in Rome was on ‘Most Wanted’ list

Moises Tejada, 54, is on the Most Wanted Fugitives list of the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision because, authorities there say, he violated the terms of parole from state prison on kidnapping and robbery convictions. 
19-year-old Catholic woman dies attempting to flee Gaza with her mother

The tragic death of Lara Al-Sayegh highlights the suffering of Gaza's dwindling Christian minority.

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