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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

IHOPKC’s church holds final service amid sex abuse scandal

Background checks are essential for kids’ ministry. No one knows how many churches do them.
Religion News Service: Many denominations have passed new policies and procedures to make their churches safer for kids — few check to see if churches follow them.

‘A very painful season’: IHOPKC’s church holds final service amid sex abuse scandal*
The Kansas City Star: IHOPKC has been in upheaval since sex abuse allegations against founder Mike Bickle surfaced in late October, accusing him of using prophecies to groom, sexually abuse and manipulate women over multiple decades. Bickle did not attend Sunday’s service.

He feared coming out. Now this pastor wants to help Black churches become as welcoming as his own
Associated Press: Over time, Crowley said, he realized “I could only really do the work of God if I operated from a place of real authenticity.”

Church of England figures show attendances hit by Covid
The Guardian: Data reveals pandemic accelerated decline in number of worshippers regularly attending C of E services.

Danny Cortez’s change of heart*
The Washington Post: In 2014, Danilo Cortez gave a sermon confessing that he no longer knew if he believed in the SBC’s position on gay issues.

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