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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Does God have a favorite sports team?

Anglican bishop deposed for inappropriate relationships amid calls for transparency
Religion News Service: As Bishop Todd Atkinson is ousted from the Anglican Church in North America, clergy and laity are calling for updates on the trial of another Anglican bishop, Stewart Ruch.

France is proud of its secularism. But struggles grow in this approach to faith, school, integration
Associated Press: Brought into the international spotlight by the ban on hijabs for French athletes at the upcoming Paris Olympics, France’s unique approach to “laïcité” — loosely translated as “secularism” — has been increasingly stirring controversy from schools to sports fields across the country.

Some Dominican wisdom we can all use*
The Atlantic: From their earliest days, the Dominicans have done battle with lies, folly and ignorance, and what the Order of Preachers has taught to combat falsehood still serves today.

‘Where did Justine go?’ One woman disappears into devotion*
The New York Times: Justine Payton was drawn to a Hare Krishna ashram for its yoga, meditation and vegan meals. She’s still figuring out what went wrong.

Does God have a favorite sports team?
Sojourners: “I reckon that what a person believes about how God shows up in the gym, on the field, at the rink, etc., is also indicative of what they believe about God in other aspects of their life.”

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