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Monday, May 13, 2024

Christian teachers join lawsuit against Biden admin’s attempted Title IX rewrite

Gunmen attack Catholic school in Nigeria: priest saves students

Amy Balog

Father Emmanuel Ogwuche, principal at Father Angus Frazer Memorial High School in Makurdi, promptly switched off all the lights in the building after hearing gunshots outside, preventing the terrorists from finding their way inside the school.

In 3 points: the Pope’s fabulous pro-birth speech (including grandparents)


Address of the Pope to the States General on natality.

Pope Francis: orienting students to discernment and choice, thus expanding the perimeters of the classroom


Speech to the Delegation of the Institute of Higher Education «Merrimack College», of Massachusetts.

The Ascension of the Lord of the Lord explained with the virtue of hope by the Pope


Pope’s homily on the second vespers of the Lord’s ascension

Pope Francis speaks about liturgy enslaved to rubricism and calls it an aberration


Speech to a Delegation of the Higher Institute of Liturgy of Barcelona (Spain).

3 lines of development for theology according to the Pope: creative fidelity to tradition, a cross-disciplinary approach and collegiality


Address to a Delegation of the International Network of Societies for Catholic Theology (INSeCT).

What are the steps with which Jesus shows us the way? Pope answers


Allocution on the occasion of the recitation of the Angelus on Sunday, May 12, 2024.

How to return to the art of living together in a truly human way? Pope Francis responds in speech


Hearing to the participants in the World Meeting on Human Fraternity.

Third legal action filed against Biden for attempting to rewrite Title IX


The Biden administration’s unlawful attempt to rewrite Title IX threatens teachers and students’ privacy, safety, fairness, and free speech.

WV female athlete, Christian teachers join lawsuit against Biden admin’s attempted Title IX rewrite


(ZENIT News / Covington, Ky. 05.11.2024).- A Kentucky federal district court granted a motion Wednesday to allow A.C., a high-school athlete from West Virginia, and Christian Educators Association International, an association of teachers, to join a lawsuit suing the Biden administration over its recent […]

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