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Friday, May 24, 2024

Christian pilgrimages to Holy Land 1,500 years ago

Carlo Acutis to be first millennial saint: Pope Francis recognizes miracle for canonization

The Italian computer-coding teenager who died of cancer in 2006 is known for his great devotion to the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist.

Vatican reinstates Carmelite nun after bishop’s dismissal in Texas over affair with priest

The Holy See has reinstated a Carmelite mother superior nearly a year after the bishop of Fort Worth, Texas, dismissed her.
Florida priest charged for biting arm of woman he says was desecrating Eucharist

Father Fidel Rodriguez admitted to police that he bit the woman but said he did so only after she reached into the ciborium and tried to grab a host from it.
Archaeological discovery sheds light on Christian pilgrimages to Holy Land 1,500 years ago

Archaeologists from the Israel Antiquities Authority have discovered a Byzantine-period church in the northern Negev desert with wall art displaying ships.
Number of Catholic parishes in Baltimore’s core will be halved, archdiocese says 

The Archdiocese of Baltimore announced this week that more than half of the parishes in Baltimore’s historic city core will close or merge.

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