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Thursday, April 4, 2024

Sex discrimination or doctrinal differences?

America has legislated itself into competing red, blue versions of education*
The Washington Post: American states passed a blizzard of education laws and policies over the past six years that aim to reshape how K-12 schools and colleges teach and present issues of race, sex and gender to the majority of the nation’s students — with instruction differing sharply by states’ political leanings.

The White House plans a smaller Ramadan gathering as the war in Gaza continues
NPR: President Biden plans to meet Tuesday with a small group of Muslims and Arab Americans at the White House, including community leaders and doctors who have recently aided patients inside Gaza, according to two people familiar with the White House plans.

They want to become nuns and priests. Student debt holds them back.*
The New York Times: For young adults who want to join certain religious orders, paying off debt before taking a vow of poverty can prove challenging. But their communities are willing to help.

Sex discrimination or doctrinal differences?*
Inside Higher Ed: A former professor’s sex discrimination lawsuit against Moody Bible Institute was recently allowed to proceed by a federal appeals court. The case could have bigger implications for religious colleges.

French soccer federation limits support for players’ Ramadan observance. Critics see discrimination
Associated Press: Ahead of training camps which took place in March, the federation made clear it would not change the schedule for meals and practices to accommodate players who want to fully observe the religious ritual.

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