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Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Could ‘hybrid shared ministry’ help struggling congregations survive?

Q&A with Simon Kent Fung

In “Dear Alana,” podcaster Simon Kent Fung tells the story of Alana Chen, a faithful young woman who died by suicide after experiencing conversion therapy in her teens.

By Catherine Montgomery

Through The Lighthouse, some Florida churches are offering a nonreligious ministry of presence that focuses on God’s love for all, opening doors for both young people and other institutions.

By Elizabeth Tamez Méndez

In its early days, a startup nonprofit working to make the Bible more accessible to young people in urban areas found a crucial community partner. The result of their collaboration is a lesson for us all, writes a director of programs and grants for Leadership Education at Duke Divinity.

By A. Trevor Sutton

A pastor shares his experience with a new model in which a larger congregation helps a smaller one by digitally sharing resources, sermons and other assets.

Q&A with Amy Yoder McGloughlin and Melissa Florer-Bixler

After the tragic events of Oct. 7 and Israel’s brutal military response, two Anabaptist pastors reflect on how their interfaith work has frayed and how their tradition pushes them to work toward peace.

By Leslie Quander Wooldridge

The National Wildlife Federation’s Sacred Grounds program helps churches increase native plant gardens — thereby helping wildlife flourish and encouraging community connection.

Strategy questions

• How might your congregation find spiritual motivation to plant a native garden?
• What resources does your faith community already have (people, space, partnerships) that could support a native plant garden?

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