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Saturday, March 2, 2024

‘Today the ugliest danger is gender ideology’

Pope Francis meets FSSP head, confirms right to celebrate the Traditional Latin Mass 

The private meeting between the pope and Father Andrzej Komorowski came at the invitation of Pope Francis and followed a request from the FSSP.
Pope Francis: ‘Today the ugliest danger is gender ideology’

“It is very important that there is this meeting, this meeting between men and women,” the pope told an assembly at the Vatican.
Vatican unveils the Holy Lance: a solemn tribute to soldier of faith St. Longinus

The Holy Lance, also known as the Lance of Longinus, was known in Christian tradition as the weapon believed to have pierced the side of Jesus during his crucifixion.
Maker of rosary for 2024 National Eucharistic Congress hopes to inspire Eucharistic devotion

The Catholic company Ghirelli has partnered with the National Eucharistic Congress to make the official rosary for the event to be held in July.
Archdiocese demands priests apologize for ‘scandalous’ words about Pope Francis

The Archdiocese of Toledo, Spain, has demanded that two priests apologize for comments they made “that harm the communion of the Church and scandalize the people of God.” 

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