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Monday, March 25, 2024

Thousands of Christians attend Palm Sunday celebrations in Jerusalem

Thousands of Christians attend Palm Sunday celebrations in Jerusalem against a backdrop of war
Associated Press: Thousands of Christian faithful attended Palm Sunday celebrations at Jerusalem’s sacred Mount of Olives, marking the first day of Holy Week as conflict surges across the region.

Former president sues a top Southern Baptist seminary over financial disputes*
The Tennessean: A former seminary president defended his reputation as a good steward of Southern Baptists money in a federal lawsuit against Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, escalating an already tense conflict between the Southern Baptist Convention leader and his former employer.

Why character doesn’t matter anymore*
Christianity Today: The “cheerful prudery” of Ned Flanders has given way to vulgarity, misogyny, and partisanship. What does this mean for our witness?

My grandfather Paul Tillich, the unbelieving theologian
Aeon: Paul Tillich was a religious socialist and a profoundly subtle theologian who placed doubt at the center of his thought.

Why Christians — and Republicans — should reconsider the premise that ‘life begins at conception’
Politico: It’s not settled Christian theology, and it’s outliving its political utility.

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