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Saturday, March 9, 2024

Bishop rules on supposed apparitions of Virgin Mary in Italy

Bishop rules on supposed apparitions of Virgin Mary in Italy

After an investigation by a group of experts, an Italian bishop has decreed that the alleged apparitions in Trevignano Romano are not supernatural.
Pope Francis appoints UCLA astrophysicist to Pontifical Academy of Sciences

Andrea Mia Ghez, recognized for her groundbreaking research on black holes, is one of only four women to have been awarded the Nobel Prize in physics. 
‘God never tires of forgiving’: Pope Francis hears confessions at Roman parish

Choosing the theme “Walking in the New Life,” the pope stressed that the Lenten journey is a moment of interior reflection and transformation. 
Pope Francis: The heart of repentance is God’s ‘infinite love,’ ‘boundless mercy’

“Repentance is neither the fruit of self-analysis, nor of a psychic sense of guilt,” the pope said.
Orthodox, Catholic representatives issue ‘challenging recommendation’ on interfaith marriage

The jointly-issued document recommends that the Orthodox Church recognize Catholic marriage and the Catholic Church take steps to recognize Orthodox remarriages.

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