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Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Biden administration finalizes rule on religious liberty protections

Biden administration finalizes rule on religious liberty protections
Religion News Service: “Today’s announcement establishes uniform policies to safeguard Americans from religious discrimination in social services,” said Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra.
Israeli peace activists are more anguished than ever − in a movement that has always been diverse and divided, with differing visions of ‘peace’
The Conversation: The months since the horrific violence of Oct. 7 and Israel’s sweeping military response have been excruciating ones for Israeli peace activists. As the country rallies behind the war effort, critics have been arrested and condemned by opponents who say the attacks proved how misguided the peace movement is.
Globally, government restrictions on religion reached peak levels in 2021, while social hostilities went down
Pew Research Center: Pew’s 14th annual report includes a look at countries that restrict religious practices and grant benefits to religious groups at the same time.
St Paul’s Cathedral to host guests for £7 in ‘secret’ 300-year-old library
The Guardian: Guests can delve deeper into history of London landmark in one-of-a-kind stay to mark World Book Day.
Voucher expansion leads to more students, waitlists and classes for some religious schools
The Associated Press: The Miami Archdiocese’s superintendent of schools says Catholic education is increasingly in demand in South Florida, now that all K-12 students regardless of income are allowed to use taxpayer-funded programs to pay for private school tuition.

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