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Thursday, March 28, 2024

A Eucharist of sourdough or wafer?

Black pastors see popular Easter services as an opportunity to rebuild in-person worship attendance
Associated Press: This Easter is also an opportunity for Black churches to welcome more visitors to their pews and try to begin reversing attendance trends. More than a dozen Black clergy said their churches are still feeling the pandemic’s impact on already-waning attendance, even as they have rolled out robust online options to reach new people.


17 LGBTQ-affirming ministers face church investigations for signing belief statement
Religion News Service: The investigation by Indiana Ministries — a jurisdiction within the Anderson, Indiana-based Church of God movement — could result in the withdrawal of the ministers’ credentials.


Martin Scorsese to headline a religious series for Fox Nation*
The New York Times: The Oscar-winning director is the latest Hollywood name to sign up for the Fox News streaming platform, joining Kevin Costner, Rob Lowe and Dan Aykroyd.


Germany set to add citizenship test questions about Jews and Israel*
The Washington Post: Those seeking German citizenship could soon have to answer test questions about antisemitism, Germany’s commitment to Israel and Jewish life in Germany.


A Eucharist of sourdough or wafer? What a thousand-year-old religious quarrel tells us about fermentation
The Conversation: A nasty quarrel arose in the 11th century over what kind of bread should be used in Holy Communion. It might sound like a storm in a chalice, but it mattered a lot because church authority seemed to be at stake.

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