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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

What would Thomas Aquinas make of AI?

What would Thomas Aquinas make of AI?

According to one German theologian, the Catholic saint and doctor of the Church can contribute to contemporary discussions about AI’s risks and role in society. 
Alabama Supreme Court rules that frozen embryos are children under state law

State's wrongful death act applies to all children "regardless of their location."
Haitian bishop in ‘stable’ condition after explosion in Port-au-Prince

Bishop Pierre-André Dumas was injured in an explosion in Haiti’s capital on Feb. 18.
Education initiative seeks to bolster Catholic schools with ‘treasury’ of Church’s tradition

The Institute for the Transformation of Catholic Education was founded at the Catholic University of America in October 2021.
Catholic prison ministry makes good use of large donation of Bible study materials

Working with a Catholic lay group called Kolbe Prison Ministries, Jerry Trzeciak leads three-day retreats for inmates.

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