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Monday, February 5, 2024

Netflix has a series on Catholic relics called ‘Mysteries of the Faith’

Did you know that Netflix has a series on Catholic relics called ‘Mysteries of the Faith’?

“Mysteries of Faith” is a Netflix series that explores the history and meaning of the relics of the saints and the passion of the Lord.
Pope Francis: ‘God is always close to us’ 

The pope observed today that Jesus, “after teaching in the synagogue, comes out so that the word he preached can reach, touch, and heal people.” 
Canadian bishops praise those who witness on social media but warn ‘don’t be naive’

In a Jan. 24 pastoral letter, the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops focused on social media and offered “commitments” to engage with people on social media.
Catholic anti-death penalty group seeks to ‘transform the criminal system’ in defense of life

Catholic Mobilizing Network seeks to “value life over death, to end the use of the death penalty,” and “to transform the U.S. criminal justice system.”
St. Agatha, the early Church martyr who tradition says was visited by St. Peter

Agatha was ruthlessly tortured and martyred under the Roman Emperor Decius in the third century and credited after her death with saving her home town of Catania.

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