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Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Trump is connecting with a different type of evangelical voter

Biden denounces ‘poison’ of white supremacy in South Carolina Black church
Reuters: Biden’s remarks were interrupted by protesters chanting “ceasefire now,” referring to Israel’s assault on Gaza that has killed more than 23,000 people.
Trump is connecting with a different type of evangelical voter*
The New York Times: They are not just the churchgoing, conservative activists who once dominated the G.O.P.
Christian colleges try eliminating tuition to draw students*
Christianity Today: A number of schools are trying various methods of not charging tuition, born out of their convictions about debt and hopes for students to choose a Christian education.
Martin Scorsese says new Jesus film aims to ‘take away the negatives’ of organized religion
The Guardian: The adaptation of a book by Shūsaku Endō is understood to be set mostly in the present day.
Vatican OK on same-sex blessings sparks divided reactions in Africa
National Catholic Reporter: Same-sex relationships remain prohibited in many African countries, and one Nigerian priest said that the Vatican’s new document “seems to be shrouded in ambiguity and many people are confused.”

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