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Wednesday, January 10, 2024

The Iowa evangelical betting against Trump

Consider revising celibacy rule for Catholic priests, Vatican official says
The Guardian: Church has “lost many great priests because they chose marriage,” says Charles Scicluna of Malta.
Manhattan church championed by celebrities won’t be razed for now*
The New York Times: The West Park Presbyterian Church has put on hold plans to tear down the landmark building after Mark Ruffalo and Matt Damon rallied to save it.
A secret tunnel in a NYC synagogue leads to a brawl between police and worshippers
The Associated Press: A historic Brooklyn synagogue that serves as the center of an influential Hasidic Jewish movement was trashed this week during an unusual community dispute that began with the discovery of a secret underground tunnel and ended in brawl between worshippers and police.
The Iowa evangelical betting against Trump*
Christianity Today: Bob Vander Plaats wants Christian voters to move on from Trump. Are they still listening?
From South Asia to Mexico, from slave to spiritual icon, this woman’s life is a snapshot of Spain’s colonization – and the Pacific slave trade history that books often leave out
The Conversation: Catarina was one of the first Asians in the Americas and arrived through a little-known slave trade that crossed the Pacific Ocean.

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