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Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Sabbath is not a luxury good

Black pastors pressure Biden to call for a cease-fire in Gaza*
The New York Times: Black congregants’ dismay at President Biden’s posture on the war could imperil his re-election bid.
SBC agency vows to ‘advocate for the complete end of abortion’ in America
Baptist News Global: In the ERLC’s 2024 “Public Policy Agenda,” published online last week, a preface to the document lists the agency’s priorities as “protecting life, safeguarding religious liberty, bolstering marriage and families, and upholding human dignity.”
Kenya declares cult an ‘organized criminal group’ after starvation deaths
Al Jazeera: The authorities’ declaration comes as cult leader Mackenzie faces charges of murder, child torture and “terrorism.”
Church of England leader says a plan to send migrants to Rwanda undermines the UK’s global standing
Associated Press: The leader of the Church of England said Monday that Britain will undermine its standing in the world if it enacts a government plan to send some asylum-seekers on a one-way trip to Rwanda.
Sabbath is not a luxury good*
Christianity Today: God designed weekly rest to be holy for all people, not just the economically stable.

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