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Friday, January 26, 2024

Bishop Gene Robinson on why ‘God called me out of the closet’

Religious ‘nones’ in America: Who they are and what they believe
Pew Research Center: A closer look at how atheists, agnostics and those who describe their religion as ‘nothing in particular’ see God, religion, morality, science and more.
Pew Research Center: National Public Opinion Reference Survey (NPORS)

Top UN court orders Israel to prevent genocide in Gaza but stops short of ordering cease-fire
The Associated Press: South Africa alleged that Israel’s campaign in the tiny coastal enclave amounted to genocide in the case, which goes to the core of one of the world’s most intractable conflicts, and had asked the court to order Israel to halt the operation.
Bishop Gene Robinson on why ‘God called me out of the closet’
CBS News: Robinson is quick to point out that there have always been gay bishops in the Episcopal Church. “There have been a lot of us, let
s just be clear,” he said. “I’m just the first openly-gay one.”
The dilemma of Gaza’s Christians*
The New Yorker: In the wake of two deaths at Holy Family Catholic Church, Palestinian Christians are weighing the costs of speaking out against the Israeli government.
Alabama carries out nation’s first known execution with nitrogen gas. Here’s what we know
CNN: Kenneth Smith’s legal team alongside experts and advocates from the US to the United Nations
had voiced concern that nitrogen hypoxia could lead to excessive pain or even torture.

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