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Tuesday, December 12, 2023

What it means to be ‘spiritual’ in America

Ahead of White House Hanukkah celebration, a wave of faith-led cease-fire demonstrations
Religion News Service: The demonstrators, who were later arrested, noted the ongoing Jewish holiday, shouting, “No Hanukkah to celebrate, cease-fire cannot wait!”
What it means to be ‘spiritual’ in America
Religion Unplugged: Nearly 70% of U.S. adults call themselves “spiritual,” or say they are “spiritual but not religious” or that “spirituality is very important in their lives,” but no one knows if that signifies that spirituality is soaring — or simply being counted differently, and what people mean when they choose that label.
Memoir of a pastor’s husband*
The Christian Century: There aren’t enough books about being a pastor’s spouse, and most that come to mind are terribly old-fashioned. “Washed Ashore” is a book about a man growing up while raising children, all while being a pastor’s husband.
Anti-war priest vows to launch new Kazakh Orthodox Church to escape Moscow and its ‘propaganda’
Radio Free Europe: A Russian Orthodox priest in Kazakhstan, defrocked last summer after speaking out against the invasion of Ukraine, has launched a longshot bid to establish an autocephalous Orthodox church of Kazakhstan.
David Ellenson, 76, who guided a generation of reform Rabbis, dies*
The New York Times: A teacher and rabbi, he forged alliances across all branches of Judaism, and his scholarship confronted questions of Jewish tradition and modernity.

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