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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Are all Christians adopted?

U.S. officials alert religious groups on antisemitism, Islamophobia threats
Reuters: The U.S. government issued security guidance for faith-based communities on Wednesday as the country faces a terrorism threat level so elevated it prompted the FBI director to say he sees “blinking lights everywhere.”
The Guardian:
EU pledges €30m to protect mosques and synagogues amid hate crime rise
American charged in religious terror attack that killed 6 in Australia
NBC News: FBI agents arrested a 58-year-old man in Arizona over online posts to those behind last year's “Christian extremist” ambush, authorities said.
How weird is the religious composition of Harvard’s student body?
Religion Unplugged: The most likely response option chosen by Harvard first-year students? Agnostic. The second most likely? Atheist.
Jewish-American families confront a generational divide over Israel
The New York Times: Gen Z and young Millennials often see Israel as an occupying power oppressing Palestinians — a shock to their parents and grandparents, who tend to see it as an essential haven fighting for survival.
Are all Christians adopted?
The Christian Century: Paul’s metaphor can be harmful to those of us who have experienced adoption — and the abandonment that is usually central to it.

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