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Friday, November 3, 2023

Why Black women are rising to lead top theology schools

United Methodist split: 42 churches sue bishop for right to disaffiliate* A group of 42 United Methodist congregations in south Alabama and the Florida panhandle has filed a lawsuit against Bishop David Graves and the Alabama-West Florida Conference, saying he has delayed the disaffiliation process and won’t let them leave the denomination by the end of the year.
Muslim and Arab Americans feel betrayed by Biden. Can he win back their votes?
Religion News Service: Recent polls report a swift and decisive drop in support for the president among Muslim and Arab American voters amid the Israel-Hamas war.
Why Black women are rising to lead top theology schools*
The Christian Century: Fewer than 5 percent of Ph.D.s in the United States are awarded to Black women, according to a National Science Foundation survey, and institutions of higher learning face a dearth of representation of Black women in leadership positions.
1 in 3 Latino Protestants report interacting with the dead*
Christianity Today: Catholicism, Protestantism, and indigenous culture shape the interpretation of these experiences and how people relate to those who have passed away.
Three men sue church over use of tithing funds, humanitarian donations
Deseret News: Federal lawsuit similar to one filed by James Huntsman seeking return of tithing funds.

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