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Friday, November 10, 2023

Catholics gather in Jerusalem for a prayer vigil for peace

How a tragic loss led a successful businessman to the priesthood

After losing his wife of 40 years, Father Peter Adamski pursued a calling to the priesthood that he had experienced as a boy.
PHOTOS: Catholics gather in Jerusalem for a prayer vigil for peace

The event took place at the Terra Sancta High School of the Custody of the Holy Land, located in the Old City of Jerusalem. 
Vatican releases schedule for Pope Francis’ trip to Dubai in December

The pope will visit the United Arab Emirates’ most populous city Dec. 1–3 where he will give a speech and meet world leaders.
British infant Indi Gregory given more time to live as judge allows family to appeal

The terminally ill British infant has been given more time to live after a court on Thursday gave her family permission to appeal a judge’s decision.
Pope Francis: It’s our duty to give a voice to women who are victims of abuse

The pope said that violence against women must be “eliminated from its roots” — namely prejudiced ideas that see people as “objects.”

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